-memorable moment-

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who could it be?

I just can't discover it now. 
I dont know when will be the end of this journey.
Allah has given me the chance to face and feel this 'phase'. and again.
I FAILED to face it with rational. Admit it. 
Enough and tired of people who'd always said the same thing. 
But then, there is this ONE spectacular person that really understand and ACCEPT me for who I am. 
Yup. He DOES. Really. 
He dont know and never realize how much i need him and yes.
He took MY HEART away with him. 
Ive to admit it. 
But, thats okay.
Definitely, one day.. He'll bring back what is mine and what is left for him. 
I just couldnt have the courage to ask myself again and again.. whats inside me?