-memorable moment-

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The day that i just walked off from the side of good and real good man. 
I started to realize 'something' that has turn me 360 degrees. why is that so? 

He never knows what is exactly inside me and has turned me off to be the unusual person.
He inspires me to write, write and write. somehow, sometimes.. It just Dissapear as it never happened. 

His words somehow turned me down till im the one who'd only bring back myself to be OKAY. 
but, exactly I AM NOT. 

what makes i trust him? 
His sincerity. He just nice
*sometimes we just have no reason why do we trust that single person?
Its just INSTINCT. :)

I believe that HE is like that. 
*he probably been taught to be a nice person.
Its how their live in the past and turn to be now. Parents and life.

The most crucial part.
*Once we accept people for who they are. They just accept us for who we are.
We are not an angel. Accept and live with it. 

Moment of the truth will might be 
tomorrow or later. 

Discover about me just a little bit more, and you' re closer to it.